Printing Your U3A Name Badge

If you are not able to pick up your U3A Name Badge from the Office, the following instructions will allow you to Print your Name Badge at Home.

  1. Login to UMAS for Members
  2. In ‘My Membership’ click on “NAME BADGE”
  3. Click on “SUBMIT”
  5. Your Name Badge will be downloaded as a Word Document.
  6. You can now Print the Badge.
  7. Place your printed Badge Page back in your Printer in such a way that the Emergency Medical Details can be printed on the Reverse.
  8. Click the ‘Printer’ Icon on the Right Side of the Header below to print the Emergency Medical Details on the reverse side of your Name Badge.
  9. Now cut to fit your Badge Holder. (Don’t forget to complete your Emergency Medical Details, which will only be accessed in a Medical Emergency)