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The Committee of Management is comprised of the Executive Committee (President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer), plus a minimum of five ordinary committee members.  All committee members are elected at the annual AGM, usually held in March.  The Committee meets at 3.00pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. All members of U3A Southern Peninsula are welcome to attend.

Committee Members

Vice President.
Course Coordinator.
Office Manager.
Catering Co-Ordinator.
Committee Member.
Committee Member.
Committee Member.
Committee Member.
Committee Member.
Newsletter Editor *.
Asst Course Co-Ordinator *.
Member Liaison Officer *.
Publicity Officer *.
Data Privacy Officer *.
Maintenance Officer *.
U-MAS Administrator *.
Website Administrator *.
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* = Non-Voting

All members of the Executive Committee can be contacted at

President - Pat McConville
President –
Pat McConvill
Treasurer –
Jim Dunn
Catering Co-Ordinator –
Teena Davey
Committee –
John Cain
Newsletter Editor –
Sue Dixon
Publicity Officer –
Maintenance Office –
Ian Champion
Vice President –
Sue Strohveldt
Course Co-Ordinator –
Rosalie Arnold
Committee –
Joanne Booth
Committee –
Paula Davis
Member Liaison Officer –
Jenny Crapper
U-MAS Administrator –
Ernie de Vlieger
Data Privacy Officer –
Howard Sachs
Secretary –
Office Manager –
Kath Murray
Committee –
Edna Stebbing
Committee –
Lou O’Bryan
Asst Course Co-Ordinator
Marty Lowenstein-Nash
Website Administrator –
Dennis Wright