New Courses

23CRF001: Do it Yourself Natural Products

Learn how to make your own home-made personal and cleaning products. (Deodorant, hand wash & all-purpose kitchen spray. RESTRICTED MEMBERS MAY ENROL IN THIS COURSE.

23CRF002: Handmade Cards

Make delightful cards to surprise family and friends. We are a small group and would welcome new participants. This class also runs on the 5th Monday of the month in May, July & October.
Any queries contact

New members will have the opportunity to borrow some tools for a short trial period and will then need to purchase their own if they wish to continue.
The course will run over the School Holidays. This is a non-sequential course; members are welcome to join after commencement. Members on the waitlist will be offered a temporary vacancy if available.
Note U3A does not operate on Public Holidays.

23GAM005: Introduction Bolivia – Cards

ntroduction to the Card Game Bolivia – if you have played in the past and need a refresher or have played Canesta must have some knowledge of cards to join this 3-session group.

Queries contact

23GAM006: Introduction Rummy and Bolivia

Introduction of 4 sessions of the game of Rummy Cub & Bolivia.
2nd & 4th of the month will be held in Room 4

Should you wish to discuss this course, please contact

23GAM008: Introduction to Chess

The course will enable you to converse and play with your grandchildren, helping them to participate in chess at their school. Chess will challenge and keep your mind active. The trick is to laugh and have fun.

The basic game will be taught allowing you to play on day one. Day 2 to day 4 will give you a sense of Chess Know-How

Chess pieces and Boards will be provided.

23SOC001: Pub Lunches

The purpose of Pub Lunches is to provide an avenue for members to get together in a social setting whilst enjoying and supporting venues across our Peninsula. The activity is scheduled to run monthly every first Wednesday.

Fine dining is not the aim but, in part, the choice of venues will be dependent upon those places able to accommodate group bookings.

Recommendations and suggestions for venues are most welcome.