Kayaking & Canoeing

19OTO009 Fri 20/09/2019 - 06/12/2019 10:00 - 16.00

This is an opportunity to join with like-minded others to explore waterways on the Peninsula and other parts of Victoria. The emphasis is on touring and recreation.
Initial trips will be to Devilbend Reservoir. Varying lengths of sessions - most local sessions will last 3-4 hours.
Suitable waterways on the Peninsula are limited so trips further afield are envisaged e.g. the Yarra, the Maribyrnong, the Goulburn, the Barwon. Some of these trips will necessitate overnight stays.

Contact leader Graham at romantic7@bigpond.com Ph: 0419 941 768

All levels of experience are welcome but those who join the group need to have a kayak or canoe, life jacket and suitable clothing and sun protection. Ability to transport a kayak is desirable but there may be people with vehicles that can transport 2 kayaks.
No planned activities over winter although individual members are free to arrange outings on fine days.
All activities will be subject to weather conditions. Meetings planned for wet and windy days will be cancelled.

Quilling for Beginners

19CRF004 Quilling for Beginners Thursdays 12/09/2019 - 28/11/2019 (13:30 - 15:30)
Quilling (sometimes referred to as Fillagree) is the art of rolling strips of coloured paper and manipulating them into all kind of shapes which may then be glued down edge-on to form cards or even framed pieces of flowers or anything that the quiller chooses. It is an art suitable for any age and the outcomes are limited only by the quiller’s imagination.
Quilling requires a degree of hand/eye coordination but it is not difficult and students are quick to learn and surprised by what they can achieve in a short space of time.
Tutor is Jonathan Mayne
Email: jonandjenny@hotkey.net.au Phone: 0411 706 370
All materials supplied in the class for a fee of $7.50 payable directly to Jonathan at course commencement.
Note: Class is held on 2nd and 4th Thursday with NO CLASS on 10th October. A total of 7 classes across the course time.
People are most welcome to join after the course has started.

Spanish for Beginners (September)

19LAN021 Fri 06/09/2019 - 15/11/2019  11:30 - 13:30

This course will teach members who wish to learn and converse in basic Espanol without too much fuss about grammar.

Tutor Sol Torres Phone: 5981 9303

Short Course fee of $20 payable 10 days prior to commencement of course.

Class will run over the school holidays.
No class Friday 27th September Grand Final Holiday

Investing With Shares

19DIS016 Wed 28/08/2019 - 25/09/2019

Presented by a qualified accountant with forty years experience in investing, this course is an introduction to the share market and a general guide to investing in shares. THERE WILL BE NO INVESTMENT ADVICE GIVEN. There will be no coffee/tea break during each session.

Minimum Enrolments 4
Course fee of $10 to be paid 10 days prior to commencement.
Course Tutor Ian Aston

Email: ianaston54@gmail.com Phone: 5987 2661