Enrolment Information – 2023

Membership for 2023

  • Full Member …………………. $60
  • Life Member …………………. free
  • Tutor/Leader ………………… $35
  • Honorary Tutor/Leader .. free
  • Associate Member ……….. $35 (Prime membership has been paid at another U3A – evidence of paid membership is required at the U3A office)
  • Restricted Member ………. $10 (Enrolment in a selected number of courses usually day presentations, events, outings and theatre trips, and short courses.)

Membership is due and payable after you have enrolled in your first course, it is required that you be a financial member to attend courses.

All financial members are covered by U3A Member Insurance

Office Hours

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

If enrolling in person, please have your selected Course(s) title and course code written down to assist our Office Volunteers.

Prerequisite Courses

Some courses will show as “All Wait”. Enrollees are required to meet the prescribed prerequisite to attend the course, the Tutor may contact you and you will be advised when accepted into the course.

Wait-Listed Courses

As many courses will fill quickly, it is advised that you enrol as soon as possible. If you the course is full, we encourage you to enrol so the Course Coordinator can manage these courses and may be able to make alternative arrangements.

How do I know if I have successfully enrolled in a course?

After enrolment you will receive an automatic email to confirm that you have enrolled and your Tutor will also receive a likewise email. Log into UMAS selecting “My Enrolments” and you will see all courses that you have enrolled in.

Carefully enter your courses dates and details into your calendar/diary and prepare any equipment that you may require.

There is no restriction on the number of courses you can enrol in but please remember that by enrolling you have made a commitment to attend, please consider other Members that may be on the waiting list to join these courses.